So it seems we have all been so consumed by the drama and tragic lives of the characters of EastEnders, we have failed to notice the 1980's style time warp they have all been living in. Albert's Square still has much of the same look as it did when the show began back in the 1980's, and the BBC now plans to bring it into the 21st century. I'm not sure Dot and the likes will be ready for this. Actually, I'm not sure WE are ready for this.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, EastEnders' executive producer, said he wants Albert Square to look like a real-life east London neighbourhood in 2014. "It should feel more like London. It's been frozen in aspic for too long," He told the Radio Times. "Sharon said recently that she's looking to be a landlady and as a result you'll see the edges of Shoreditch creeping into EastEnders. It's got to reflect the modern world."

The edges of Shoreditch? There is actually something PAST Albert's Square? I know every so often we get to go on little road trips with the characters to Blackpool tower and what not, but we had all got very comfortable with their 'Truman Show' bubble there on the Square.

Sometimes change is BAD, Dominic! However, given that the new producer has brought the soap out of a ratings slump since he began in August, MAYBE he knows what he is doing. Maybe.

Check out where it all began below: