Arnold Schwarzenegger fans are going to love the fact that his latest role is a big callback to one of his classic '90s movies.

He stars in a kids cartoon series called 'Stan Lee's Superhero Kindergarten.' It is one of the last projects Lee worked on before passing away.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a superhero-turned-teacher who is tasked with training the next generation of superheroes.

His character's name is Arnold Armstrong (of course...) and he was formerly the superhero Captain Courage.

The 'Terminator' star described the show as a "deeply personal project".

He added: "Not only has it allowed me to bring to life the work of the fantastic Stan Lee, but the series also touches on subjects I’ve spent my life working on, from health and fitness tips and anti-bullying messages to inclusivity and diversity.

"It’s an honour to have worked with Stan Lee and I know he would be proud of the message we’re delivering."

Schwarzenegger shared a trailer for the series ahead of its premiere on the free-to-use children's streaming platform Kartoon Channel this weekend.

He wrote on Twitter: "In four days all of you can finally see what I’ve been working on!

"I am so pumped to show @TheRealStanLee 's 'Superhero Kindergarten' to the world."

The series recalls the actor's 1990 comedy 'Kindergarten Cop'.

Schwarzenegger is also in the works on his live-action TV debut, a spy series that recalls 'True Lies'.

Fans were also delighted to see the actor get his COVID-19 vaccine in recent months.