It's funny how things can change in just a few short days.

On Friday, we were on the edge of our seats watching 'Love Island' to see if the teaser from the previous night was actually true. Was Maura REALLY claiming to be interested in Curtis? Reeeeeeeeeeeally?

It turned out that not only was she interested, but last night saw her confess her feelings to the Professional Ballroom Dancer.

Earlier in the episode, Maura and Lucie had partaken in a double-dumping of Marvin and George (which included Maura brilliantly cutting the former down to size with the superb line 'Wait now, you're gettin' bould!' God, we love her.)

That paved the way for her to chat to (and get dancing lessons from) Curtis, who confirmed that he had slid into her DMs earlier this year - although she didn't reply to him.

And we can't quite believe it, but it seems that people are... actually... kind of... coming around to the idea of Murtis?

(So what if it's scripted and we're all just pawns in the Matrix. Let us have this.)