With tonight's episode of 'Love Island' set to include a DJ set by Craig David and now a video message from Amy Schumer, it's going to be pretty special.

Schumer, it turns out, is a huge fan of the reality TV series and specially recorded a video message wherein she gave a special shout-out to none other than Maura From Longford herself. "She's just like my homie, I feel very connected to her," said Schumer.

Well, isn't that nice. 'Homie'. That's a Longford expression if ever there was one. Good for her and all that.

The comedian isn't the first well-known American to voice her support for Maura, either. Just last week, Lena Dunham from 'Girls' declared herself for "Team Maura" after she confronted Tom Walker about things he said about her behind her back.

'Love Island' airs tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9PM, with 'Love Island: Aftersun' and Amy Schumer's message going out at 10PM.