If you've ever wondered what happens between all the Love Islanders after the show is over - one of them has just answered that question.

Of course, as soon as the show ends there's the inevitable promo rounds to do, and various islanders desperately capitalise on their 15 minutes of fame with reality show appearances, clothing brand deals, etc. etc.

But do any of them continue to stay friends after they've left the villa? Not according to Anna Vakili, they don't.

If you've already forgotten who Anna is, she was the girl who was first with Sherif, then with Jordan, then with Ovie, then with Jordan again, and then she was unceremoniously dumped by Jordan.

She said that the once-buzzing WhatsApp group that all the islanders shared after leaving the show is dead, and that several of them can't stand each other.

She told The Sun: "Let me tell you that WhatsApp group is not active at all because there are loads of people in there who don't like each other," although she refused to name names. "I can't say," she said. "I think it's obvious from watching Love Island who doesn't like each other."

When she was asked whether Curtis and Maura's relationship was real or fake, she revealed that she hadn't spoken to either of them. "I don't know I haven't spoke to Maura. I haven't spoke to her and I don't speak to Curtis so I don't know."

However, she said that Molly-Mae and Tommy were still going strong and "she said how Tommy and her are very happy at the moment - so hopefully it will last forever."

Anna has maintained a relationship with several of the girls, however - including Amber, Amy and Yewande, who she said have "been at mine a lot."

There's only three more months until the new series of 'Love Island' kicks off, and drama such as this will be a daily occurrence. Bet you CAN'T WAIT...