Now that the show is winding down for another year (or maybe a few months, who knows), some of the behind-the-scenes drama is beginning to creep out.

In an interview with the Sun, Anna Vakili made a few claims about the show's producers and the islanders themselves. According to Anna, many of this year's cast were chosen specifically because they wouldn't have sex on television.

"A lot of the islanders this year are very PG. They didn’t want to have sex in the villa and they cared about doing it in a room full of people," Anna said.

According to Anna, the show's producers specifically asked her if she was comfortable talking about sex on television, and whether or not she would have sex on television. While she said that she was comfortable talking about sex, actually doing it on camera was a different story.

"And that was true of the entire cast this year," Anna claimed. "Everyone said they didn’t want to have sex while they were in the villa. They strongly didn’t want to do that."

While Anna admits that "some might have changed their minds," it was her belief that no had had sex on the island and that "so as far as I know no one had when I left on Tuesday."

A lot of the precautions stem from controversies surrounding the show with former contestants, and now that 'Love Island' is extremely profitable for ITV, they're clearly trying to protect their interests and keep the show going without any more issues.

Not only that, the show's guidelines are understood to expressly prohibit sex in the villa, or any other kind of sexual contact as well.