To be fair, Corden's game was one of those awful shocking/buzzer things that would make anyone want to slap him.

Andrew Garfield gave James Corden a slap on the cheek during a painful game he was playing with Jamie Dornan.

Called 'Shock Friendship Quiz', the game involved Garfield and Dornan answering personal questions about the other, because they're "old friends". However, should they get an answer wrong, they would receive an electric shock from one of the host's buzzers.

Garfield, who stars in Netflix's upcoming musical 'tick, tick... BOOM!', unfortunately, got a question wrong about Dornan's children's names and was given quite a lethal shock from the host.

Corden decided that the initial electric shock he gave him wasn't powerful enough and turned up the power, which resulted in Garfield cursing in pain and then turning around to slap him on the cheek.

It all seems to be in good fun, however, with the three of them in fits of giggles the whole way through the short game. Here's the moment the audience laughed at the incident, followed by what sounded like them stifling said laughter.

In other Andrew Garfield news, he has been rumoured to be reprising his role as the Amazing Spider-Man in Sony's upcoming release this December. Although still unconfirmed, 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' is believed to be bringing back his iteration of the superhero, as well as Tobey Maguire's first live-action portrayal of the web-slinger. Garfield previously denied any involvement in the sequel.

Garfield's 'tick, tick... BOOM!' in select theatres right now and will debut on Netflix on November 19. Dornan's next film, 'Belfast', had its LA premiere earlier in the week, but won't be released in cinemas until January 21, 2022.