Now THIS is the epitome of TV taking the mick. This new series offers viewers the chance to interact with leading surgeons as they carry out life-changing operations, allowing them to experience the minute-by-minute drama of the theatre for themselves - by e-mailing, phoning and Twittering mid-operation... The series features top doctors from NHS hospital trusts performing operations including heart, brain, tumour removal and stomach surgery. The series offers a unique insight into modern surgery by permitting viewers to interact with the operating theatre - again - via microblogging site Twitter and email, as the operations are carried out. Viewers will even be able to speak to surgeons by phone "at appropriate points" in some of the operations - which won't hamper performance at all. The surgery will be broadcast live to a studio audience at Wellcome Collection in London, as well as TV viewers at home. Krishnan Guru-Murthy off the Channel 4 News presents.