To be honest this isn't exactly good news, Steve may have been a bit of a bad boy in his younger years, but as of late he's provided some much need comic relief on Corrie. He even won the Best Comedy Performance prize at the British Soap Awards recently.

However, Simon Gregson told the Manchester Evening News that his character may be headed down a different road; "It was great to win the comedy award because that's all I ever wanted from back when I was a kid - to make people laugh. It's great people see Steve in that way, although I'm delighted that Corrie are going to mix a bit of drama in and give Steve another side."

He went on to say; "It can be a bit Carry on Corrie sometimes with Steve and he basically is Homer Simpson, so it will be good to pull it back a bit and show something different too."

But we like that he's the Homer of the cobbles! Did you see him dancing to Gangnam Style with Amy the other day? Great craic.

We definitely vote NO to serious Steve.