Walking home one evening, a car narrowly misses Rachel and smashes into the side of the road. Shaken and bewildered, Rachel starts in pursuit of the driver who legs it. However, it's not the dramatic way the chase ends that upsets her the most, it's finding out the next day that the crash is unquestionably linked to the disturbing information she found out about Nick's affair with a juror. With uncertainty whirling round her head, she leaves Janet to lead the questioning of the latest case for the team - a young boy, shot dead in his lounge. His best friend was witness to the shooting but it takes all of Janet's skill to get him to open up and speak to them as he's petrified he could be next. As the series comes to a close, Rachel's career hangs in the balance as Gill discovers just how far she has gone in pursuit of love. And Janet needs to end her affair once and for all but will it be that easy?