In Coronation Street, Joe thought that his little secret was safe, but of course David saw the stash of painkillers in his van and very sneakily pretended to throw the "empty" box into a fire, while he had put all the pills in his pocket. So began the mind games and mental torture. Joe should realise that David is not that straight forward. In other David related news, his ex Tina, along with Jason, got their dream love nest which turned out to be the flat above the corner shop. Elsewhere, Chesney decided to get in on the delinquent teenage drama. You'd think that he would have gone off the rails sooner, especially with his so called mother rejecting him on more then one occasion. Well, after finding an engagement ring in Fiz's coat pocket, he hides it. As he watched Rosie wash and polish her car (that she still can't drive properly) he went and took it for a joy ride when she had gone back into the house. When he bought it back, Anna, of all people, helped him wipe away his finger prints so that there is no trace of him on the car. But, he left the engagement ring in it.

In Emmerdale, Val, being the noble sister that she is, thought it was a good idea to expose Rodney for who he really was. A good friend and person? Oh no, she had it in her noggin that he was trying to get one over on Diane and use her. So began 'Operation expose Rodney'. This involved coming on to him after one or two glasses of wine and then laughing in his face. However, it ended very badly when Diane told her that herself and her ex were just friends and that she was way out of line kissing him. But as the three argued, Pollard overheard and ended up kicking his wife out of her home, and Diane sacked her from her job (even though she still owns half of the pub). Cain gave Ryan a job in the garage and the apprentice soon realised that his boss was after his mum. And, finally, Lilly decided to head off on Eddie's road trip, much to Edna's disgust.

Lots of drama, drama, drama in Eastenders, as usual. It was Libby's 18th birthday and was one she would never forget. She received a birthday card from her dad who asked her to visit, her gran swung by to try and convince her and then she decided she wanted Darren to pop her cherry. Wow, all anyone else gets is a card and some money. Meanwhile, Syed was still in denial about his sexuality which was getting on Christians nerves. It became too much, however, at Amira's and Syed's engagement party. While everyone beamed with joy, the only gay in the village stormed out and drowned his sorrows in the pub. Speaking of the Vic, Ronnie found out that Roxy had been telling porkies to everyone about her sister's new boyfriend, who doesn't exist, and that she invited her dad back to Walford. Determined to protect Awwnt Peg, Ronnie moved back in the pub to try and keep Archie away. Little did she know that she would end up locking lips with Ryan and then have some sexy time in his flat.

Finally, lets have a gander at Fair City. The barter scheme got under way at the community centre, without the support of Dermot. Cass took it one step too far and jeopardised the whole thing when he covered Kylie's shift. Dolores had a visit from Zumo, which was a bit more pleasant then the last one. He came bearing a gift in the shape of a baby named Jane. She is of course the produce of Lara who couldn't cope and asked Zumo to hand her to Dolores. Eileen, (Zumo's grandmother) claimed that she was to be the guardian of the child and thought she could win a court battle. However, the social welfare allowed Dolores to keep the baby and Malachy offered to help out. Orla's luck seemed to turn around early in the week after having dinner with McAleer. He gave her money for a new wardrobe and asked her to look after his property portfolio. As word got round that the two had a cozy night in Vino's, Keith had some words for the property tycoon and he then began to slag Orla off with some smutty comments, which in turn unleashed the PR girl's venom.