Angry Archie was continuing his plan to ruin the Mitchells in EastEnders. Last week, he concocted a plan to get Jack to flirt with Sam, then, hopefully they would go abroad, which would lead to the family to lose the bail money and eventually the pub would land in his lap. Sounds very easy, Archie, but it's unfortunate that things never work out as they're planned. Ricky told Jack how much he trusts Sam (God only knows why), this made the ex copper feel a tad guilty and he announced to Archie that he wanted nothing to do with the conspiracy. But, it seemed Sam wasn't ready to keep away. Syed and his phone were joined at the hip as the mystery blackmailer, Lucy, began to really put the willies up him. He almost had a close call with Amira when she announced she knew he had a secret....but it was about him taking money from her family. Finally, Denise began to thaw to the idea of forgiving Owen, which in turn made Lucas feel unloved and angry.

In Coronation Street, Tony and his eye packed Maria off to Cyprus and he agreed to meet her there. But the stress of the previous week got too much, and on the steps of the corner shop, he had a heart attack. Roy's Rolls to the rescue! Roy called an ambulance and Mr Gordon was rushed to hospital. In a conscious but confused state, and fearing that he was on his death bed, Tony confessed to his bedside friend that he had Liam killed. Certainly more then what Cropper bargained for. Elsewhere, Michelle dropped the towel in front of new builder, Jake. Accidently, of course. Pam figured out that Molly and Kev were doing the deed and she was quick to give the ultimatum, end it or tell the truth. When he found out, Kevin was furious and convinced that they would be caught. However, if they "loved" each other like they say they do, then it would have to become public news eventually.

Over in the Dales, Debbie left her teens behind her and celebrated with a party. It was brought to a halt when she realised that her ma wasn't sticking around. After a huge screaming match in the street (where else would they do it) Debbie, angry and upset, told little innocent Noah who his real father was. Charity then left and, a couple of days later, decided to really try and settle down in Emmerdale. Carl decided that the plan of action to get his money back was to break into Cain's house, steal the key to the lock up and then take the money. However, step one was halted pretty quickly when Charity walked into Hug Ghyll and caught him red handed. Over a cuppa, the two struck a deal and agreed that Cain was to pay for everything he's done in the past. Sally returned covered in bruises and she took refuge in Edna's. The latter soon regretted being the safe house when a brick is thrown through the window.

Finally, in Fair City, Bill captured McAleer and Annette and tied them up in her office. He punched, threatened and there was even a hint that the real Bill wasn't actually American, (yep, the actor was trying to put on a yank accent). He demanded more money and forced McAleer to place a call to his bank manager. Meanwhile, Barry was begging to see Annette. Pissed off with his whinging, Bill got his wife drunk, let her loose in public and she then made a fool out of herself. Thus the sympathy fell back on Bill. But it became extremely heated at the end of the week and everyone's lives were put in danger when there was an explosion. In other news, Bob and Renee were back in town for Brendan's impending court case. His skanky hypocritical wife, Heather, tried to convince Christy to speak only highly of her husband so that the jury would find in favour of him. Speaking of old wrinkly people, Christy had an ego boost when both his ex wife and Carole bickered over him.