In Saaf Landan, i.e. Eastenders, Max and Jack put pressure on Bradley to tell them what exactly happened between him and Archie the night he was killed. After a few whiskies, the red head admitted that he did punch Archie (because he had just found out that he raped Stacey) but didn't kill him. Meanwhile, after accidently hitting DCI Marsden, Ronnie was arrested for assault and informed that she was the chief suspect. So what did the blonde decided to do? A runner. Yep she nicked Roxy's passport and thought it would be a good idea to run away so that the real killer could be found... which makes no sense at all. Jack then tried to convince his nephew to take the blame so that his girlfriend would be in the clear. Elsewhere, the evil side of Dotty reared its ugly head. I just knew she wasn't a saint. Dot slapped her granddaughter after she blurted out she wished Nick had successfully killed her. Later, Dotty reported grandma to social services and ole Dot was arrested. Finally, Ricky watched the video from Bianca's hen night and saw his fiancé telling Whitney that her dad was her soul mate.

Over in Corrie, Gail, Joe and Gail Force went off to the lakes for a romantic weekend. Well, so she thought. Joe on the other hand knew it would be hislast time on the cobbles, so bid goodbye to Tina and David. Unable to keep his secret any longer, Joe told his new wife that he had planned to fake his death so that she could get his life insurance money and then pay Rick off. Sound familiar to anyone? Of course she refused to go along with it and cried like an idiot as he sailed off. All after, the two had a hilarious scuffle. However, poor Joe's plan didn't go quite as he thought and the poor sucker ended up drowning... for real. David was called by his mum and the pair concocted some silly story about Joe landing a job fitting kitchens. *Bangs head off desk*. Elsewhere, The Barlow's, Leanne and George took action against Peter's drinking by trying to stage some sort of intervention. Jason received his divorce papers and got down on one knee to Tina and finally, Sunita and Dev had to pretend they were still married for the sake of her visiting aunts.

In Emmerdale, Carl was still having an issue with his children and couldn't seem to bond with them. He then decided that they would be better off with their aunt. However, before they were due to leave, all three had a blazing row with Thomas and Anya revealing they hated him. Then they went on the hop from school and ended up messing around in some field, which land them in hospital with suspected meningitis. As Carl sat by their bedside, he came to the conclusion that his life would not be worth living without them. Meanwhile Paddy realised that the dying sheep, Thomas and Anya's rash and the Dingles Dog getting sick, were all linked together. Soon, his fingers were pointing in the direction of Nikhil and Jai as possible contaminators. Maisie continued to get smashed and had a one night stand with some random guy, but she did get some cash out of it. Pity about her self-esteem. Gennie came home and her and Jamie kissed declaring that they would now make a go of their relationship.

Finally, staying close to home, Kylie remained the biggest plank of all time in Fair City. I could explain but to be honest, she hurts my feelings, so you don't need to know. Joe Duffy made his debut in Carraigstown, through the airwaves. Angered that Louie was not paying out, Bob rang in Live Line and gained the nation's sympathy, while Louie gained an army of haters. The Hungry Pig and McCoy's were empty and Louie realised that he would have to succumb to Bob. Well, he would at least pretend to. The wealthy business man offered to pay Bob for loss of earnings. Elsewhere, Niamh took some advice from Dolores and took up yoga to relieve her stress. Said Yoga teacher is new character Felix (I love the way the writers introduce these new people as if they've already been in the soap for years) who became Sarah and Keith's new housemate.