EastEnders: If you found out you'd inherited millions, you'd definitely hang about a square full of malcontents just to rub their faces in it, wouldn't you. You wouldn't jet off on a holiday or make new friends... Although maybe Janine's been hanging around 'cause Lydia's son, Norman was contesting the will - until Paaaaht convinced him not to. Which made little (Rickaay or naah Rickaaay) sense... especially now that she's dating him. In other Butcherings, Ricky headed off to Dubai again, 'cause he's so in demand. Elsewhere, Ryan and (potentially) Rainie were up to no good, what with him dealing drugs in club queues; Vanessa learnt a thing or two while rifling through Max's private files; and Ian made a muppet of himself in front of Denise - cause he thinks every woman who happens to do him a good turn wants to gain access to his britches.

Coronation Street: Anyone else getting serious déjà vu thanks to the re-emergence of the Peter and Carla storyline. Just choose one of them and be done with it, man! On the upside, we don't have to endure Ken's onscreen grandson/real life son attempting to act his way out of a damp paper bag, for James revealed he's leaving because of Tracy's animosity. That and his quest to sell his granddad's house was rumbled by Ken In other news, Gary had an unnerving surprise for Izzy (he decided to get a job in the factory so they can be together all the time), while - closer to home - Owen informed Anna that he's her new landlord. So, she won't have to move, she might just have to do one or two other things...

Emmerdale: Ah, where would soap writers be without a "sinister face from the past". His name is Jared and he had some information on Amy which she'd prefer didn't see the light of day. Wow, and it was dirtier than her facial tidemarks. Meanwhile, Rhona's landed back in town armed with a shed load of Paddy Ground Rules; Aaron and Chas still have a contentious mother and son relationship; Ella and Mia had issues with Katie's relationship with Declan (yup, t'was only a matter of time); while Sam got some tedious storyline or other involving a woman called Rachel and a relative of hers.

Fair City: They've been living together for all of three months now, so naturally Louie decided to propose to Carol - who promptly refused. That was until Louie's very generous ex-wife, Yvonne, managed to change her mind, so the wedding's on - whoot. However, there are some conditions: they won't wed until the baby's born. Louie blubed with happiness, which was suitably cringe inducing. In other crimes against acting, Caoimhe got hammered over in The Station and tried it on with Robert or all people, while Neasa and Finn just happened to get locked into the back office together overnight.