... On the total **** for himself? ITV have given him another show. When will they learn we're just not that into him?! This time, 'journalist and TV presenter' visits Las Vegas - the vast neon nightspot in the middle of the Nevada Desert dubbed Sin City due to the sheer volume of drinkers, gamblers, revellers and hookers who flock there every year. He soon sets about chatting to 'socialite and actress' Paris Hilton and goes gambling with 'action superstar' Sylvester Stallone, before taking a trip to an extravagant hotel for the super-rich where everything is free. Yeah, 'cause that's what we the viewers need to see; a smug git having the time of his life. Piers then investigates some of the more serious aspects of 'Sin City', including how casinos are struggling to pay their debts in the midst of the global recession and how years of drought have raised fears that the area is running out of water. And there we thought drought was commonplace in the middle of a desert.