Location by three returns with brand-new episodes. No, really, they're brand new! And, with nervous sellers and demand outstripping supply, Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsopp have their work cut out, as buyers battle such a difficult housing market. In this show, the pair help some first time buyers search in one of the world's most exciting and expensive locations - London. The programme's youngest-ever house hunter, 18-year-old student Claire Winship, is seeking her first home, with a stellar budget of £1.7 million. Claire, who has had cerebral palsy from birth and is in a wheelchair, received a seven-figure sum from a personal injury settlement. She wants good investment potential, plenty of accessible space, three bedrooms and an easy commute to her university campus. Meanwhile, trainee fashion buyer, Geri, and her carpenter boyfriend, Arran, are searching in the leafy environs of North London. Currently renting in Crouch End, they want a one-bed flat nearby. They also need to cater for Arran's other passion - his motorbike. Finding a property which has a garden and side alley parking in this pricey patch of London will be no easy task on their £280,000 budget.