There are almost four million children living below the poverty line over in the UK. The effects of growing up in poverty can last a lifetime: average life expectancy in the UK is 79; for someone growing up in poverty it is ten years less. Made by the team behind The Secret Millionaire, this new three-part series aims to show just what it means to grow up in poverty in the 21st Century. Each episode follows the story of two families as a wealthy family decides to assist one that is living below the poverty line. The series raises important questions about how people respond to the poverty on their own doorsteps. In this episode, Grace (9) lives in one of the wealthiest parts of the country with her mum Christine, dad Ken and brother Charlie (13). They have a big house and several acres of land, with two cleaners and a team of gardeners to help. But Ken comes from a deprived area of Glasgow and he wants his children to know that life isn't like this for everyone. Meanwhile, Yolanda is ten and lives in a flat on a council estate with her mum and two sisters. She keeps her belongings in cardboard boxes and a suitcase because her mum can't afford to buy her any drawers.