Completely ridiculous as it may be, Face Off is still a hell of a lot of fun, thanks to some truly staggering action sequences from Hong Kong born helmer John Woo - who also gave us the similarly bullet-ridden Hard Boiled. The cracking cast is headed up by (a huge at the time) John Travaolta and Nicolas Cage, with Travolta playing an vengeful FB agent, out to capture Cage's mental genius, who has placed a bomb somewhere in LA, but can't tell the authorities where as he's in a coma - always a bummer when the fuzz need information pronto. So, in an incredibly high concept manner, the FBI swap the twosomes faces, so Travolta can get some info from Cage's (also mental) brother in the joint. Like we said, ridiculous. Both stars are having a blast, though, and stuff blows up in an almost poetic fashion, so it’s well worth a watch. You can also see the far inferior Travolta effort Swordfish, which starts at the same time over on TV3.