John Phillip's family have lived on the estate of Heath House since the 16th century, and the house has stood since 1840. John and wife Flavia took over the property on his mother's death, but they were finding the property, along with over 480 acres of land, a financial and physical drain - the usual. The Philips believed the only way out was to sell Heath House, but eldest son Ben was desperate to keep it in the family. Ruth tried to persuade the Philips to give Ben a chance to run the house commercially, but with his dad looking over his shoulder, Ben had to prove his worth. Ruth's advice was to resurrect their ailing weddings business and soon enough Ben started to take bookings for weddings and corporate events. With Ruth's help, he eventually persuaded his father to take the house off the market altogether giving him the opportunity he desperately wanted to turn the property in to a going concern.