It seems Phelan has Owen and Gary exactly where he wants them now, and even thanks Gary for beating him up, as it will end up giving him the best profit of his life. The lads end up having to agree to work for minimum wage for him until the Mill project is finished, in exchange for Phelan not going to the police, but will Gary be able to take this lying down? Doesn't look like it if that picture is anything to go by. Also tonight, Sophie gets ready for her date with Maddie, while Steph and Katy sign up to an internet dating site. One person who is certainly not full of the joys of love and what not is Tina, she is gutted to have missed out on the hotel night with Peter, and Liz encourages her to just get rid. Looks like she might finally start to see sense too when Peter suggests nipping to the nearest Travel Lodge for a quickie to make up for it. Seriously? What a guy.