The voice over dude (some Aussie chef or other) isn't nearly as acerbically brilliant as Dave Lamb, but it makes for good Saturday afternoon bubblegum for the eyes type viewing... cause we don't get enough of that of a Saturday evening. Kicking off the five episodes, we see former Home and Away actor Bryan Wiseman host the first of a week of dinner parties in the Australian version of the show. Artist Mel Nahas offers her guests steamed prawn dumplings and Indonesian chicken curry at the second of the week's dinner parties. Children's entertainer Rita Barb compiles an extensive menu for the third of the week's parties. Set and costume designer James Browne serves onion tart and veal roulade at the fourth of the week's parties. And, finally, seared tuna steaks are the centrepiece of Nicole Cameron's menu for the final party of the week, before the winner is announced.