It's the one decent thing NOT on at 9.00pm... but it clashes with Dancing on Ice (6.30pm UTV/TV3 - not to worry, it's only the blokes skating this week so you won't miss out on much). In the third episode, theologian and broadcaster Dr Robert Beckford argues that Britain's conversion to Christianity in the sixth century is the single most important event in the country's history. Filmed in spectacular locations in England and abroad, this film tells the story of how Christianity arrived here during the Dark Ages, and examines its vital role in creating a national identity which has survived ever since. Beginning with the fall of Rome, Beckford charts the dramatic and violent struggle between three different religious traditions: the warrior pagan religion of the Anglo-Saxons, the mystical Celtic Christianity found in Ireland and the Celtic West, and the Roman Christianity which arrived with St Augustine in 597. Beckford tells the story of how these conflicting religious beliefs and practices were resolved, and how in doing so, this unified Christian community led to the birth of a new cultural identity. The Sunday Night Project is around to lower the tone at 10.00pm.