Bear tackles the world's toughest environments and faces wild terrain and animals, but now he's confronted by a new type of challenge: Will Ferrell. The Hollywood actor and comedian joins Bear for a special two-day survival mission in the Arctic Circle. 'He's going to be a very big Hollywood fish out of water, and it's my job to get him through 48 hours in one piece,' Bear says. Will has no clue what to expect, and is more used to helicopters taking him to film premieres. He says: 'I don't know why I got myself into this; I don't even like camping.' But there's no red carpet waiting this time; he endures a terrifying descent with Bear as they abseil over 150 feet into an icy, rock-strewn gorge in northern Sweden. As well as overcoming the freezing temperatures and treacherous landscape, Bear's endurance is put to new use as he leads novice Will through the mission, while Will offers his own offbeat approach, and more comic than survival skills, on their journey. Frozen deer eyeballs, urine consumption and near death experiences ensues.