If you thought to yourself that this May just gone was warm - freakishly warm - you were correct in your thinking, because it was freakishly warm.

Met Eireann's monthly weather report confirms what you and your mother have been saying, namely that May 2018 was the hottest in six years. Although the first half of the month saw some rain and a drop in temperatures, the latter half far was quite the opposite. In fact, Dublin alone saw just 28% of its average monthly rainfall.

Cork, however, was hit with a 126% increase in its average monthly rainfall as recorded at Sherkin Island. Mullingar, meanwhile, had the fewest days of rain in the month - nine - whilst Sherkin Island had the most with 21. The highest air temperature was recorded at Shannon with a sweltering 26.3 degree celsius on May 29th, the highest it's been since 2012.

The good weather's set to continue for the rest of the week and right up until the weekend, with the national forecast calling high temperatures until Tuesday of next week.

In other words, keep wearing those shorts while you can still get away with it.