Here's a Vasectomy you can actually do from home.

The latest video from Ryan Reynolds teaches fans how to make a Vasectomy. That is, a new cocktail using Aviation gin, of which he is a stakeholder (a fact that he has often alluded to).

The alcoholic concoction is in celebration of Father's Day, which is Sunday week (20th June).

The drink instructions are as follows: fill a tall glass with ice, add 1 ounce of cranberry juice, 3 ounces of tonic, a dash of lemon juice, and 1.5 ounces of Aviation Gin.

Reynolds' video is hilarious, as we've come to expect of the actor, and full of blunders and ad libbing.

Check it out:

The Vasectomy cocktail isn't the first time Reynolds has blatantly advertised Aviation gin.

He even had the spirits appear in his wife Blake Lively's movie 'A Simple Favour.'

Another video of his from the past saw him make an 84 year-old whose birthday is on Leap Day her first "legal" drink using the gin.

He also had a brilliant ad within an ad promoting Aviation, Samsung TV, and Netflix movie '6 Underground' all at once.

Other recent ads the actor has been involved with of late include one for his frenemy Hugh Jackman's coffee business; one for a Wrexham docuseries; and another bringing '80s star Rick Moranis out of retirement.