Fair play to Ryan Reynolds, of all people, for getting Rick Moranis to come out of relative retirement for this.

Yes, fine, it's an advertisement for Ryan Reynolds' mobile phone company, and Rick Moranis isn't even in all that much, but damn it all, it's Rick Moranis. Never mind 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids', he was one of the best parts of 'Ghostbusters', not to mention the likes of 'Parenthood', 'Spaceballs', 'Brewster's Millions', and even his work on 'SCTV' was formative in the creation of 'SNL' and modern sketch comedy as we know it today.

So, after nearly two decades of not appearing on TV as himself, he's back - and he's doing an ad as himself, with Ryan Reynolds no less. He even admits that the only reason he got him on for the advert was the fact that he's a huge fan.

Take a look.