As far as marketing stunts go, this one is actually kind of ingenious.

Ryan Reynolds, when he's not starring in movies, is ceaselessly promoting his business interests and doing it in a pretty smart way. By leveraging his own sense of humour, he's managed to make things like Aviation Gin pretty well-known - and now he's doing the same for a mobile phone company in the US.

Mint Mobile, which is a pre-paid mobile SIM card company, is part-owned by Ryan Reynolds. So, to help promote the company, he's started up a streaming service for it. Again, all big tech companies have a streaming service nowadays, so why shouldn't they?

The snag is the library for Mint Mobile Plus is... a little wanting. The only movie available on the streaming service is 'Foolproof', a 2003 heist movie starring Ryan Reynolds and David Suchet, who played Poirot in that TV series your granny watched when you were a kid.

The movie is available in full DVD quality, and what's more, you can watch the movie from anywhere without any geo-restrictions. You don't even need to be a customer of Mint Mobile to enjoy it. You don't even have to sign up for the fake streaming service either.

That's right, this mediocre 'Ocean's 11' rip-off is available for free, right now. Thanks Ryan Reynolds!