Do we need to catch you up on this story? Yes? No?

Let's assume you need a catch-up. So, in an interview with GQ last week, Girls Trip breakout Tiffany Haddish made a comment about someone biting Beyonce's face at a party. So far, so... weird? Chrissy Teigen then followed this up with some pot-stirring by claiming she was reasonably certain who the culprit was.

Suspects at the time included Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and a couple of others - but one name kept coming back up again and again. Sanaa Lathan.

For her part, Lathan denied the rumours in a single tweet and that was seemingly it. However, late last night, came in with an exclusive from multiple sources claiming that despite her protestations to the contrary, Sanaa Lathan was allegedly the biter of Beyonce's face.

To top it all off, Vulture's investigation into the story found that Haddish had brought up this very story in a stand-up comedy segment a couple of months ago where she intimated that the biter in question dated rapper French Montana. Guess who dated French Montana briefly and admitted as much in Watch What Happens Live around this time last year?

That's right, Sanaa Lathan.

Of course, we will never truly know what happened here until Beyonce speaks and there's no way Beyonce is going to just up and confirm it was Lathan, and the fact that Haddish is still refusing to confirm the many thorough investigations into all of this has us wondering if there isn't something else going on here.

Our own suspect for this? Betty White. Has to be.