Social media addiction is no joke but, truth be told, you have to credit ingenuity when it happens.

Dorothy, a young teenager who was banned from social media and technology, found herself a viral star when she managed to outwit her mother's ban. As it turns out, smart fridges are a thing now and, sure enough, they're connected to the internet and social media.

So, what did Dorothy do? Well, she logged into Twitter ON THE FRIDGE and sent a tweet to the world, proclaiming herself back online and ready for action.

As Dorothy explained to the Guardian, her mother kept confiscating her electronics in order to ensure she wouldn't be distracted by her surroundings. "I felt mortified! I was worried because I’ve been bored all summer and Twitter passes the time for me," Dorothy said.

Already, her mother had confiscated her phone, her Nintendo 3DS and her Wii U as they all had access to Twitter. The real moment came when she used the fridge to send a tweet. In fact, her interview with The Guardian was conducted on her cousin's iPad.

Naturally enough, Dorothy's struggle to stay on social media quickly went viral with her follower count rocketing to nearly 30,000 followers in the space of a few days. Twitter's official account even got in on the action at one point, and the hashtag #FreeDorothy trended on Twitter for several hours.

You can tweet from fridges now, that's the biggest takeaway from all of this. Actual fridges. What a time to be alive.