Parallel parking - we all know how awkward it can be.

However, have you even been involved in a parallel parking stand-off? Because Twitter user Chicken Tikka Mariah (great name) has witnessed potentially one of the pettiest stand-offs ever.

Her evening started at 6.30pm looking out of her apartment window in Koreatown, Los Angeles, when she noticed a couple of cars not moving on the road outside. The black car had gone ahead of the parking space, to anticipate their manoeuvre into the spot - like you do when wanting to parallel park. However, the silver car directly behind them had other plans.


The stand-off continued for quite some time... it started to get dark outside.


After the one hour mark, bystander Mariah witnessed the biggest plot twist yet - a parked car ahead of them pulled out. And both cars parked up.


Parallel parking saga over you would think? Wrong. Both drivers then proceeded to sit in their cars, probably out of pure embarrassment.


Nearly an hour and a half later... still nothing.


But then, silver car takes the plunge and steps out into the world.


Not wanting to let the situation be easily forgotten, Mariah left each car a personal note thanking them for an hour and a half's worth of cringe-worthy entertainment.


Chrissy Teigen even got involved in the Twitter thread, giving her own opinion on who she thought was in the right.


And yes, silver car even sent Mariah an email about how the whole situation went down. It's a fake email, but needs to be applauded for how in-depth it goes.

Well, that's the parallel parking saga over for another time. Who do you think was in the wrong here - black car or silver car? Let us know your opinion in the Facebook comments.