Considering how George Clooney made close to a billion dollars from his own tequila brand, you can forgive Ryan Reynolds for trying to get in on the celebrity alcohol game.

Reynolds' own brand, Aviation Gin, has cropped up in a few viral videos and the like, and was even prominently featured in Paul Feig's 'A Simple Favour' (starring Reynolds' wife, Blake Lively). Yet, now, he's either become desperate or fiendishly clever. Either way, it's pretty funny.

In a product review that speaks of a terrifying story involving getting blackout drunk from Aviation Gin, waking up in Seattle next to a woman called Linda, who claims to be married to the reviewer.

Take a look.

Gin drunk is a special kind of drunk, but waking up in another city with another woman drunk? That's a very special kind of drunk.

Here's hoping Ryan Reynolds isn't over-selling the qualities of Aviation Gin just to make a few quid on it. You'd think with all that 'Deadpool' money lying around that he'd be content to leave it alone.