Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are actual friendship goals and here's why.

The actors have shared a back and forth with one another - sometimes as themselves, sometimes in the guise of their alter egos (particularly Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool) - that goes back years.

Back in 2016, things kicked off with this infamous interview that Reynolds had with Hugh Jackman for the latter's movie 'Eddie the Eagle'.

Then, of course, Reynolds threw in that famous gag at Jackman in the first 'Deadpool' movie...

... though Hugh Jackman managed to get his own mask-donning clapback for that one...

... which Reynolds responded to by making sure there was a joke referencing 'Logan' - Jackman's swansong as comic book superhero Wolverine - in 'Deadpool 2'.

Heck, Ryan Reynolds even visited Hugh Jackman in his hotel room while in character as the Merc with the Mouth.

The two are also constantly teasing each other on Twitter.

And they did have that lovely Deadpool meets Wolverine meets Bond moment with Pierce Brosnan.

Thankfully, their 'feud' recently culminated in the 'truce' below.

We just can't wait to see what those crazy kids get up to next.