Bless Ryan Reynolds and his saintly, trusting face - there's no way the man could find work as an interrogator if the acting thing doesn't work out for him.

Reynolds was on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' with singer Camila Cambello and when it came to play True Confessions, it's safe to say that Reynolds pretty much choked. The first story involved a very sweet story about his mother using urinal cakes thinking they were soap (it does happen, folks), however when the tables turned and he had to interrogate, the poor beautiful fool hadn't a prayer.

It may just be that Canadians are far too trusting for their own good because, let's face it, Canadians are a good-natured, trusting sort. This is the country that produced John Candy, Keanu Reeves, Catherine O'Hara and Ryan Reynolds, for feck sake. They're not able to lie effectively, and they can't read lies in other people because they're so inexperienced with it.

Camila Cambello and Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand? Well, take a look and see for yourself.