This is possibly one of the best stories we've heard this year.

According to The Guardian, Police in Perth, Australia dispatched a number of officers to a man's house after a passer-by heard screams of "Why don't you die!"

Now, it might seem a bit over the top, but when you hear a man screaming "Why don't you die!", while also hearing a toddler crying - you'd probably jump to the same conclusion.

However, it turns out that the man just had a seriously bad irrational fear of spiders.

The Police arrived to the house, where they found a man "trying to kill a spider," and who apologised for having such little tolerance to our eight-legged friends.

The Police report says that the "Caller walked past the AA and heard a male screaming out ‘Why don’t you die’ – repeatedly. The toddler inside was screaming … caller doesn’t know them, but has seen them a few times when walking.

"Police spoke with all parties who advised that husband had only been trying to kill a spider (has serious fear of spiders). Apologised for inconvenience to police. No injuries sighted (except to spider). No further police involvement required."

We couldn't help but remember this scene from one of the best Christmas movies ever.