'Home Alone' has a special place in many people's hearts so if you're not strong enough to have part of it ruined for you forever, turn away now.

Seth Rogen gave the world the Christmas gift of enlightenment and profound disappointment yesterday when he revealed something about 'Home Alone' that many people never knew and never wanted to.

We don't think it was malicious but it sure feels that way.

If you thought this was widespread knowledge and that you were somehow at fault for not knowing, don't. Many people were in the dark, including Chris Evans.

Even those who already knew were commiserating with the newly informed.

'Angels With Filthy Souls' was even the subject of a Vanity Fair article about its creation in 2015, and yet still many were unaware.

Darryn King's oral history of the film within a film is well worth a read and contains some pretty interesting nuggets, including the fact that 'Angels with Filthy Souls' was shot in one day, only one day before filming on the movie began.

Per Vanity Fair: "We had nothing to lose," said director of photography Julio Macat. "We went for it."

So where were you when you found out that 'Angels With Filthy Souls' wasn't a real movie? Is it right now?

If so, we're sorry. It's all Seth Rogen's fault.