Australian stand-up comic Bec Hill recently made a trip to London with her mother. Deciding to have a bit of a different experience for the day, Hill had her followers choose what she would do. And in true 'Black Mirror' fashion, it all ended quite badly.

If you haven't watched 'Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' already - what the hell have you been doing for the past few days? Put that selection box down, and turn Netflix on.

'Bandersnatch' is Netflix's first foray into the realm of interactive viewing, and it certainly did not disappoint. We said Charlie Brooker's latest entry is a "masterpiece."

Now, as you'll know from your multiple re-watching marathon, 'Bandersnatch,' no matter what ending you arrived to, didn't fair too well for Fionn Whitehead's Stefan. And neither does it end well for comic Hill on her excursion around London.

Hill gave her followers five minutes to decide each scenario for her, and started the day as we all did as Stefan - which cereal do you want?

Next, which "music" she should listen to in the shower.


It was a close call with her outfit choices.


The people have spoken.


When she lost her mum in a very hectic Borough Market.


Her mum fell for the ol' "it's a picture" trick.


Was there ever going to be a different outcome?


Embarking on a theatre tour, she bravely spoke the words "Macbeth".


Her mum got her back for the prank earlier, in the best of ways.

Look at that utterly not-impressed mum face.

Always end a day of touring with a cup of tea.


But then things started to take a dastardly turn for the worst...


R.I.P. Bec Hill.