Maura Higgins has been a busy woman since leaving the 'Love Island' villa. In fact, we've heard more about her than any other contestant on the show.

When she's not landing TV gigs and appearing at Leaving Cert results parties, she's busy with diplomatic relations such as the below. We should really just send her over to Boris Johnson to negotiate the Brexit backstop and be done with it.

UK radio station Capital FM brought the Longford woman in to explain a few Irish slang terms, and the results were as hilarious as expected.

In fairness, the words 'beour' and 'feen' are used mostly in Cork, so we'll excuse her for getting the meaning of 'feen' wrong. But 'gowl'? While she was technically correct on the definition, we'd take it to mean more of an insult - i.e. 'Your one is some gowl.' And while 'gowl flutters' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, we can still 100% imagine her saying 'Go 'way, smelly gowl' to someone who didn't meet her approval.

Watch it below: