Mattress Mick. Even if you're not from Dublin, you'll more than likely have heard of him.

For those who don't know Mattress Mick, he's one of Dublin's (and Ireland's) biggest bedding experts, always supporting Irish products and a well-known face in the capital. You'll probably be very familiar with many of his iconic bedding adverts, such as his "Magic Mattress" one below.

Now, Mattress Mick has a bone or two to pick with Dublin Bus. The mattress extraordinaire has taken to Twitter to vent his frustration at the capital's bus system, because they advertise a bus that goes to Swedish furniture giant IKEA. In a tweet this Monday morning, Mick has asked Dublin Bus why his Pearse Street location isn't advertised on the number 27 bus route to Coolock, just like the 155 advertises it is going to IKEA in Ballymun.

He said, "SHAME ON DUBLIN BUS. They advertise IKEA as a destination on their 155 bus route so why not put MATTRESS MICK as a destination on their 27 bus route to Coolock. After all I am from Dublin, supporting Irish industry by selling Irish Made Mattresses. Any comments. Cheers."


Mattress Mick has asked for feedback, and he is certainly attracting attention. His tweet, at the time of writing, currently has 2.6 thousand likes, 219 retweets, and 42 comments. Here's what people have been saying.

Some are in favour of Mick getting his name on the Dublin Bus route.


However, we're not sure Mick has dipped his toes into the meatball industry just yet...


While others have raised valid points and are thinking more rationally.


IKEA is the final stop of the 155 bus route also.


There's the sheer amount of people who work at, and visit the store to think of too.


What do you make of Mick's tweet to Dublin Bus and IKEA - does he deserve his own bus route? Let us know what you make of this in the Facebook comments.