If you're feeling in any way emotionally fragile today, maybe watch this video somewhere you can have a bit of a sob.

If you were at Dublin Pride over the weekend, you may have spotted the Pride Bus at the parade.

The rainbow-themed bus, an initiative of Dublin Bus, travelled the length of the parade route and this year it had some special passengers on board.

The video below shows an older generation of Irish LGBT people (one of them, the eagle-eyed among you, being former 'Bosco' presenter Frank Twomey) discussing how difficult it was for them growing up gay or transgender. None of them had ever been to Dublin Pride - until their younger counterparts arrived on their doorsteps to invite them on board the Pride Bus.

The result is a really lovely and very touching video. It turns out that dancing in the street is not just "for the young and beautiful", as you'll see.

Watch it below: