Look, we're not judging anyone (peers over horn-rimmed glasses) but if you're queueing at 5am for a Krispy Kreme doughnut that you can easily buy in other places around Dublin... We bow to your determination.

It's been an indulgent week for Dublin. Not only is there a new Krispy Kreme flagship store at the former Central Bank location on Dame Street, Ireland's first LEGO store has also opened its doors on Grafton Street (at 9 am this morning) where Topman used to be located.

And as you can imagine, the American doughnut corporation having their first central Dublin location is a big deal - for some people at least. We've heard rumours of people queuing outside of the location AT 5 IN THE AM yesterday just to be one of the first to... eat some cholesterol in the morning? Sure, let's go with that. (Doughnut come for us - we love a glazed one too! We just prefer our sleep, thank you.)

The store's new location put on quite the spectacle yesterday, with dancers out front doing their thing, free doughnuts for those who joined the queue, and two-time Eurovision performers Jedward were also on hand to officially open the store. It seems like Krispy Kreme madness has engulfed Dublin once again.

Now, if you'll remember, this isn't the first time that people of Dublin have gone all glazed and jelly for dough. Four years ago, the Blanchardstown location descended into drive-thru chaos when cars began tooting their horns in the middle of the night, forcing the store to close earlier than usual due to noise complaints by residents nearby. Apparently, the store became the most profitable Krispy Kreme in the world. So, let's see how this new Dame Street location turns out, shall we?

Here's some of the funniest tweets we've spotted from the doughnut lunacy from Krispy Kreme in Dublin yesterday. Reach out and let us know how you feel about the hole business if you want too.