As we already know, Dublin has a serious hankering for doughnuts - and it culminated with the utter shit-show that was the 24-hour drive-thru at Blanchardstown, which went on to make global headline news.

Social media videos showed queues of cars lining up outside the doughnut shop in Blanchardstown with people honking their car horns late into the night, all of which led to Krispy Kreme closing the 24-hour drive-thru and eliminating the possibility of freshly made doughnuts at three in the morning for everyone.

And while you might have thought that was something of a flash in the pan, it turns out that the Blanchardstown outlet is now the most profitable Krispy Kreme outlet in the entire world. Newly-released figures shows that in the past twelve months, Krispy Kreme in Blanchardstown had an average daily revenue of €41,956, or close to €300,000 per week.

In fact, its opening in September of last year was the biggest opening for any Krispy Kreme outlet anywhere and had some 250 people queuing outside at 7AM on its first day of operation. All told, Krispy Kreme in Blanchardstown is now the best-performing outlet in the doughnut chain around the globe, which operates in 31 countries and in 1,300 outlets.

Despite the huge success, the Blanchardstown outlet remains the sole Krispy Kreme in Ireland and while no plans have been formally announced, a spokesperson for the doughnut chain did tell RTÉ that "while we have no confirmed plans, we are looking to open more stores in to Ireland in the future."