He said that he was taking some time off from making videos about Irish culture after receiving some nasty messages from a faction of the population.

However, it looks like Josh Pray is back to his winning ways and shining a light on the best (and arguably, most bizarre) bits of the little island that we call home.

Having fully immersed himself in GAA culture, the logical next step (apart from trying a pint of Guinness - but he doesn't drink) for the US comedian is clearly indulging in that finest of Irish delicacies - a crisp sandwich. And not just any crisp sandwich - a Tayto crisp sandwich, of course.

And we learned a few things ourselves, too - mostly that Americans call the heel of the loaf 'the booty bread'.

After seeing the effect that a crisp sambo had on him, you know what this means... we need to see him eating a sambo on the rollercoaster at Tayto Park. It's only a matter of time.

Also, will someone please send him a box of Barry's teabags? It's all that's missing...