American comedian Josh Pray has been spreading a lot of joy amongst Irish people on social media over the last few months.

The Florida man gained a lot of new followers and millions of views for his unique take on Gaelic Games, and was even flown over for the All-Ireland Football Final earlier this month.

However, a message that he posted on Facebook yesterday revealed that he has also been subjected to 'negative' messages from some individuals who have decided that he doesn't have the right to talk about Irish sports.

"Due to the negative nature of some messages That I’ve gotten from some Ireland based individuals whom think I should let Irish bred folks commentate Irish sports, I will refrain from posting about the Irish culture for a few weeks," he wrote. "There you go lads, have at it💪🏿"

Clearly, most reasonable people were both angry and upset that someone who has brought happiness to many has been treated so badly.

One commented under the Facebook post: "I'm an Irish based individual and I've loved the videos and your feelings about Ireland. Those people are probably jealous because you're putting their Irishness to shame with your enthusiasm."

Another said: "Josh for every thousand people there will be one Gobshite !! You so positive so embrace their crap laugh at it and bring yourself to a higher level !!"

Let's hope he changes his mind by Saturday, because we need his take on the football final replay.