The other day, it seemed that Josh Pray was about ready to give up on his Irish-themed comedy rants.

The Florida comedian has clocked up millions of hits over the last few months for his OTT descriptions of the GAA and Irish culture, but posted a message on Monday saying that he had received too many negative comments and was taking a step back from talking about Ireland.

It seemed that most of the comments were related to him being flown over for the All-Ireland Football Final and given a ticket for the match, which some saw as unfair.

After the outpouring of love and support in recent days, though, he has changed his mind.

Calling himself 'the black Marty', he posted a video on Twitter saying that he had received 1800 messages in two days. 'The support I got from the rest of Ireland - like 99.8% of Ireland - was scary", he said. "Listen: I'm not leaving Ireland, like, ever."

He added that he would be returning to Ireland in January bringing his 'Colorblind' comedy tour to Dublin, Kerry, Tipperary and Cork.

Watch it below: