You may recall our reports on 'Some Good News' over the last few weeks. The Youtube Channel, started by 'The Office' actor and 'A Quiet Place' director John Krasinski, focussed on positive news items coming out in these harrowing times.

Past episodes of 'Some Good News' saw Krasinski reflect back on 'The Office' with his co-star Steve Carell. Another episode saw a young Hamilton superfan get a surprise live performance from the cast. In another episode, Krasinski hosted a "virtual prom" with the Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish.

There was even an episode where Krasinski married a couple who were then treated to a recreation of 'The Office' wedding dance from the original cast.

So it was chock-full of very positive, feel-good stuff.

Last week Krasinski announced after its eighth episode that the series was, for now, taking a break. By that point the channel had 2.85 million subscribers with episodes getting a average of 17 million views.

Several fans are now accusing the actor-director of being a "sellout" after announcing he's sold 'Some Good News' to CBS All Access.

Krasinski wrote on Twitter: "Wow who can believe when we started this thing together we all just wanted good news to be more fully represented in our everyday lives. And now? You quite literally ARE the good news! Thanks to you, SGN lives on, joining the ranks of this historic news network! See you all soon!"


Many took to social media to blast Krasinski for selling the format. They say it dampens the purity of the show. They also expressed frustration that it has become commercialised.


There were some who came in defense of Krasinski too.