John Krasinski has gone on to have quite a career since 'The Office' wrapped in 2013. He leads Amazon series 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan', and has gone into directing with 'A Quiet Place'. Its much anticipated sequel has been delayed but no doubt people will be flocking to see it once cinemas reopen.

Recent weeks have been tough as we've been required to lead a different type of lifestyle. But it's important to stay positive in these times, and John Krasinski thinks so too.

He's started a new YouTube channel called 'Some Good News' which after only a teaser and one full episode, already has 43,000 subscribers. We're just all hankering for good news.

The segment looks at all the positive developments over the week. Topics such as humourous videos and local heroic acts are covered.

The debut episode saw Krasinski have a video chat with his former 'The Office' co-star Steve Carell.

If you're a fan of the sitcom, watching the two look back on the show - how it started, their favourite memories - is just the best. The two actors even get a little teary as they reminisce and then say their goodbyes. Lovely stuff altogether.

Their interview goes from about 5:55 to 11:11. Watch the full 'Some Good News' video below.