Seeing as how we're all stuck indoors for next while, major events in people's lives have either been cancelled or pushed back to later dates.

Still, that's not stopping anyone from having a good time and for John Krasinski and his SGN channel, it's a chance to throw a "virtual prom" with the help of his celebrity friends, the Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish, and Rainn Wilson.

The livestream on Krasinski's YouTube channel saw Rainn Wilson turn up and banter with Krasinski, along with the Jonas Brothers, before they played one of their hits while Billie Eilish likewise played 'Bad Guy'.

Of course, it being a livestream, things didn't exactly go swimmingly with Eilish's WiFi cutting out and making the feed more than a little choppy throughout the performance. Still, considering it's a free concert on YouTube and it's people just trying to entertain you, can you really give about that fact?

Of course not. Here's a clip of the stream as it happened.