When the Tom Hanks / Matt Damon-led big-budget blockbuster of our current situation hits the five remaining cinemas in 2025, the escaped goats subplot is going to baffle everyone who wasn't there to see it with their own eyes.

Earlier in the month (yes, it's been a month, although time has lost all meaning), a herd of goats managed to overrun a small town in Wales and became a viral sensation. Well, sure enough, a herd of goats in California maybe got wind of that fact through the goat internet and decided to do the same.

A herd of approximately 200 goats managed to escape their own quarantine - their bovid-ine, if you will - in East San Jose and tore through a residential area towards freedom, but it wasn't before long that ranchers caught up with them and attempted to steer the herd back to their lands.

The video, captured by one Zach Roelands, shows the goat herd winding their way through the residential area by a dog and a scrambler, with a goat here and there stopping off for a nibble of people's shrubberies.

Clearly, this is the second time a wave of goats has mysteriously appeared in places where they shouldn't. They're up to something, clearly. They're testing our boundaries. Learning our ways. Soon, they will come for us in the night and we must be ready to fight back.

Here's the video. Study it, prepare yourself, get ready for World War Goat.