A town in Wales called Llanduro has, like most places across the UK and Ireland, been effectively emptied out by self-isolation measures.

Of course, with the absence of people, wild animals and the like are beginning to venture further in as they're not meeting people. That's pretty much what's happening in Llanduro, with herds of goats coming down from the Great Orme, a limestone headland west of the town.

Naturally, the sight of wild goats parading through an empty town is exactly the kind of content Twitter wants and needs right now, and the town of Llanduro has been trending all this morning.

Why? Because of videos and images like this.

Odds are that when all this is over, the goats will have established a rudimentary society in the town of Llanduro, and that the humans of the town will have to wage a bloody war to remove them from the town.

It will be violent, there will be heroes on both sides, people will question whether goats have an inalienable right to the land, but in the end, there'll just be too much fighting on the town's floor.