Social media has become essential in recent weeks - it has kept us sane throughout our recent quarantine exercises.

From hilarious memes, to group chats, and plenty of artists performing live gigs from their living rooms, social media really is the true winner during this essential self-isolation time at home. And those of us who have been complaining about not being able to find a significant other can take a leaf out of Jeremy Cohen's book, as he managed to find himself some self-isolation love.

The TikTok user has uploaded a video passing on his phone number via a drone to a girl he spotted on a balcony across from his apartment - now that's one way to get a girl's attention. Here's how the self-isolation love encounter went down, which he called: "A story about a quarantined cutie".

Surprisingly, this won't be the last that we hear from the newly-formed self-isolation couple, as Jeremy plans on giving an update on his TikTok over the coming days. The pair will be going on their first "virtual date".

Here's the reaction Jeremy's uplifting post has been getting on Twitter.